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7D Innovators can provide many different services so that your company and technology can meet it's highest potential. We offer services in the laboratory and throughout the entire supply chain. 

With over 20 years of experience in the materials field, and can tackle your most difficult problems in formulating, developing, and enhancing specialty chemical materials. The expert leaders at 7D Innovators can also bring success to your technology, R&D, technical service, quality, and application equipment development needs. But we also go far beyond, with expertise in business development, M&A, and a particular core competency in intellectual property strategies.

We have experts in coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers (CASE) from supply chain issues to market strategy we are here to support your organic and inorganic growth with strategy assistance and excellence in execution.

Our experts will help you with:

  • Growth Strategy/Execution

  • Divesting 

  • M & A Diligence/integration

  • Value Assessment

  • IP Assessment

  • Complexity Reduction

  • Market Strategy/Analysis

  • Change Management



Speciality Chemical Formulations

Other formulators of adhesive, sealants, coatings and specialty inks are often reluctant to share critical information to aid in the design and launch of your new specialty chemical materials. Yet, those same formulators often need starting point formulations, white papers and technical support to develop products based on your innovative new materials. 7D Innovators can bridge this gap by providing critical market based information back to you and assist you in developing the targeted technical tools that will allow you to launch your products quickly and more successfully.

Materials Development, Enhancement & Customization

Time and time again, consolidation has limited the offering of innovative new products, leaving industrial manufacturing firms with only existing, generic, solutions for their applications. This is where the experience that 7D Innovators has in commercial application methods and markets allows us to custom formulate coatings, adhesives, sealants and specialty inks tailored to your application’s unique requirements. Custom formulation is our business, and we do our business for you.

Experienced Application Support

At 7D Innovators we understand how critical it is to have a material that provides the desired properties while also meeting the constraints of the existing applications environment. Without the application solution, you just have another interesting technical paper.  We go beyond the lab to insure your materials meet the requirements of the specific application method.

In the Laboratory

Voice of The Market

7D Innovators brings experience in material features, benefits, and specification development by using proven voice of the market tools. Whether you would like us to aid you in developing your internal innovation processes, or by leading the development of a new market solution for you; 7D Innovators experts can help.

Business Development

Our leaders are at their core entrepreneurs. We have the unique ability to understand the value that materials technology can bring in specialized applications. By utilizing our years of experience combined with our broad industry contacts we can find high value applications and growth opportunities for your technologies. Let us enhance your business with market development process and years of experience.

Product Launch Support

We are highly customer and market focused with experience leading new products and technology, launches into new markets. These fast pace markets include solar power, automotive, construction materials, fenestration, fiber optics, ink jet printing, graphic arts (including CD/DVD), commercial roofing, metal and various OEM industries. To see our full list of industries we service, please click here.

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